It's Monday, be amazing in plaid!

It's Monday, be amazing in plaid!
It's Monday. Are you amazing? I'm only partially amazing, because I'm trying to get over one heck of a cold. I sound like I have a frog residing in my throat right now! Oh, well, since you can't hear me, I can get on with it!

This outfit is amazing! I've always loved shirt dresses.  I think it's because I always feel like I'm wearing one of my husband's shirts and I once read in a fashion magazine that a woman is at her sexiest dressed in a man's shirt. For whatever reason, I have always loved them and I'm very glad they have made a reappearance.

This one has the shirt tail hem that is so sexy! I haven't added a lot of layers or accessories, just let it stand on its own for the most part. I've paired it with those wonderful Burberry ankle boots you saw before. I great red handbag with a structured shape. I added a silk plaid scarf at the neck since mixing plaids is trendy and fun! Round red earrings for color to go with the bright red wool coat to wrap up in since we all know that winter has truly arrived. That's amazing and...
That's stylin'!