How Did That Go SOOOO Wrong?!

I find it fascinating to look back at the reviews I've written for books that have since had sequels published. Sometimes, it's just a fun experience to relive my thoughts and impressions ... other times, it's me screaming at myself, "HOW DID THAT GO SO WRONG?!?!"

Let me share an example with you. For the past several years, Kristen Britain's Green Rider series has been a personal favorite. She kind of has the Martin Syndrome, leading her to release a book only once every 5-7 years or so (UGH!), but she's always presented me with something that made the wait worth it. Is she the next Tolkien? Not by a long shot. She knows how to tell a fun story, though.

That is ... she did before she published Book #5. Oh, my friends, it was awful! I wanted to scrub my brain cells out after I'd finished. The worst is that I'd kept on reading right to the bitter -- very bitter -- end, hoping that it might just save itself. IT DIDN'T. It was such a waste of time, money & devotion. I really wish that you could return Nook Books for a full refund. It stinks that Britain is profiting despite my disappointment ... my rage ... my utter despair!

Skip back a few years, and I find a review that I wrote for Blackveil, Book #4 of Green Rider. When I got to the end, I found that I had given false hope (I'd lied!!) ... read on and please forgive me.

Okay, so Kristen Britain is getting a lot of grief over a certain scene in "Blackveil" that has the K/Z Fandom outraged (no spoilers, I promise!). Let's admit it, it's a doozy whether or not you're rooting for Karigan! Some are enraged, some disgusted, some pleased, some confused ... that's the point! A good author will throw curve balls at her readers in order to generate a reaction - any reaction. Whether it's positive or negative, it tends to have the effect of baiting the audience into sticking around for the next book. It also gives us a romance that isn't just sugar and sunshine (a strong literary relationship needs some speed bumps to shake things up and keep things interesting). P.S. I'm a K/Z Fan too, so stick with me here.

As for the length of time we have to wait in between books: yes, I agree that it is AGONIZING!! It won't stop me from continuing to buy the books or suggesting them to friends, though. So long as Kristen comes up with another great read, I think it's worth the wait.

Finally, the CLIFFHANGER. Yes, like that certain scene I mentioned already its a doozy (it deserves to be referred to in capital letters). In proper die-hard, can't-put-it-down fan fashion I promptly screeched at the top of my lungs when I found that there were no more pages after that last sentence. It killed me. I wanted to rip the book to shreds and track down Kristen so that I could kick her. I cried ... but what an ending, ladies and gentlemen! Let's face it, "Blackveil" is a middle-of-the-series book. It isn't going to let us off the hook or feel satisfied. Someday (hopefully) Kristen will publish the last book in the Green Rider series and all those fascinating, irritating, nail-biting plot lines will converge and we will be able to let out a collective (and long-held) sigh of relief.

Stick with it, everyone! If the future books are comparable in quality to what we've gotten out of her so far, Kristen will make it worth it.
AHHH!! How could I have said that? I was so young and naïve ... I feel as though I've lied to the world. I humbly beg your forgiveness, friends. Let there be no such disappointments for us as we move forward!