Where It All Began...

David Eddings and his wife Leigh (even though her name isn't on the covers for most of the books, it should be!) are authors who hold a special place in my heart. I love the world they created in The Belgariad, and the sense of whimsy written into each and every character to cross the page. The flaws and outright loopholes in their books just don't matter to me, whereas they would drive me mad as a hatter in stories by other authors. They crafted a profound tale of heroism, salvation, and the good fight against evil, but in a way that doesn't take things too seriously. Humor, fun, and the bonds of friendship and love are foremost elements of the books David & Leigh gave us. The legacy they left behind is something I treasure. And this book is where it all began...

Garion enjoyed what might be termed an idyllic childhood, but for the lurking presence of the man without a shadow. Facing the routine challenges of growing from child to teen, he was always aware of something beneath the surface of his mundane life. When something happens and his Aunt Pol and an old storyteller called Wolf take him away from the safety of the farm, Garion knows everything has changed. For a young man, though, it all seems like a grand adventure of the sort Mister Wolf has always delighted him with. The one problem, really, is that no one will tell him what has happened!

From the pastoral peace of Sendaria to the icy heart of old Aloria, Garion's journey comes to have a more personal meaning than he could ever have imagined. What are these tales of a great sorcerer named Belgarath and his sorceress daughter, Polgara -- and why does everyone seem to associate those legendary figures with Mister Wolf and his Aunt Pol? He realizes that things aren't as they have seemed all of his life ... and perhaps he isn't what he has always believed himself to be either.

This is a world that is full of life, color, history, and magic. It is the first chapter of an epic hero's tale that will eventually span two continents, involve the embattled wills of ancient gods, and prove to be the culmination of the hopes and suffering of countless generations.


I first read this book and the rest of the Belgariad and Malloreon back in high school. I remember that I fell in love with Garion, was in stitches over Silk's banter, and adored the whole company who sets out to fulfill the demands of prophesy -- except for Ce'Nedra. I hate Ce'Nedra. I passionately despise Ce'Nedra. She's a bratty little *itch who deserves a spanking and eternal time out in her room! She never grows up, and I cannot comprehend why everyone in the story finds her so cute and lovable. I would happily rip her darling red curls out of her scalp and punt her right out of the story with a baseball bat if I could.

End of rant (sorry if you haven't read the story yet -- she'll show up in Book 2).

Anyway, this book is a wonderful beginning to the cycle of the Belgariad & Malloreon that, if you adore it as much as I do, you will read your way through endlessly throughout your life. Here in Pawn of Prophesy we witness the first innocent steps of the boy who will one day become the focus of a millennia-old struggle between two titanic forces, and decide the fate of a world. We get hints of it here and there, especially in that last scene with King Anheg, but the Eddings' don't lay their full hand on the table by any means. Bravo!

Oh! And let me just add that the new e-book covers are beautifully done! Personally, I prefer the originals, but the revamp was done very well. :-)