It's All About the Character

Not a perfect story. I'll say it up front ... it's one of my absolute favorite books, though.

Some of the characters are really out there, clogging up the flow of the story and the cohesion of the world itself. Jordan's personality fits very well, I think, but the whole saber-wielding, anti-magic field thing is just too much. Some of the women's personalities are either too strong or too weak by turns, leading me to want to reach through the page to smack them up-side the head.
And does everyone have to get paired up? This isn't Jane Austen, here!

All that aside, though, this story is so deep and so ... okay, resonating might be totally cliche, but grit your teeth and bear it! This book makes you FEEL. Kat is such a tragic character; you break your heart over him and everything that has been done to him. Don't make the mistake of thinking him a weepy, pathetic protagonist, however. He possesses that inner strength (battered and bruised though it may be) that we love to see in our heroes. Isaak delivers his voice so eloquently and with such a desperate plea to be heard and accepted: "A human being! A person, just like you, with dreams and terrors - just like you. I fear, I hope, I hurt, and yes, I love." When you're not throwing your fist in the air rooting for Kat, you just wanna hug him!

This is one of those books that is ultimately carried by its main character. Without Kat, the book would be soulless and vapid. I love him, I love how he makes me feel, and I love that he never loses the spirit to keep on fighting (in his own quiet way) to go on. It's all about this one character - he makes the story worth the read.

If you like emotional explorations that touch on the psychological scars of someone who has been mistreated by life, and like your fantasy, then give this a try.