A New Spin on a Fun Fairytale

I loved the concept of a young woman learning to become a Godmother! The new spin on traditional folktales was really fun and allowed the heroine to demonstrate the ingenuity that makes for an admirably plucky character. Elena hit the perfect note ... right up until about the halfway mark when it turned into a trashy romance. Though the idea of Alexander was generally a good one, his "transformation" was not believable and the romance was poorly fitted together - rushed and slip-shod.

This was also one of Lackey's weakest novels in the style and mechanics department. The repetition of certain words, phrases or cliches was an irritant. Her prose was also just not as polished as what she usually turns out. I have to admit that I am disappointed (a lot is on the editor here as well).

Despite the downfalls, though, I enjoyed this book and think that Lackey has come up with an interesting world which will allow for a number of entertaining stories to emerge. Bravo!