Oh, Have Mercy!

Still-my-heart werewolves, romantically tragic vampires, and dastardly Fae … OH MY!

There’s a lot going on in this world that mere mortals remain blissfully unaware of. That is, until a rogue vamp drains a neighborhood dry, a lone wolf challenges the local Alpha and starts a minor war, or the Grey Lords of the Fae pull the strings and magical mayhem breaks loose downtown! For the most part the supernatural population of the Tri-Cities area manage to keep things quiet, and the mundane community can go about their daily lives with almost no interaction or interference from things that go bump in the night. Mercedes Thompson doesn’t have that luxury … but then, Mercy isn’t all that mundane herself.

Mercy is an auto mechanic. She can take a broken down piece of dump yard
trash and fix it up bright and shiny. Her garage is a go-to place for those in need of anything from a quick repair to an outright miracle. If you can drag it over to her, Mercy can fix it. She’s not exactly a pillar of the community, but she likes to think that she does her bit to make life a little easier for her fellow citizens. She studies martial arts – the I am about to rip your spine out through you face kind – she has a degree in history that she tries to use at least twice a year, and batches of cookies pour out of her oven whenever she needs to do some serious thinking.

And she can change into a coyote whenever she feels like it.

Something special, Mercy has found that while she doesn’t exactly fit in with the other supernatural groups around her she can certainly hold her own. It’s a good thing because when she gets sucked into a disagreement between the Columbia Basin pack and an unknown hunter on the eve of werewolves coming out to the general public as something that can no longer be considered a myth, there is no turning back. Before she knows it, Mercy finds herself at odds with the local vampire Queen, at cross purposes with the officials of the Fae reservation, and kicking up all kinds of trouble with the werewolf who lives next door – the Alpha himself who just so happens to declare her is mate and lands her right in the frying pan! 

It’s a lot for one little skinwalker to cope with, but Mercy is a tough cookie and doesn’t go in for
self-pity. With her gold lamb necklace around her neck – crucifixes just aren’t her style – and a wealth of snarky retorts in her arsenal, she never backs down when those she cares for are threatened. Full of action, humor, intriguing plot twists, steamy romance, and a fascinating new take on all things supernatural, the Mercy Thompson series is a pleasure – one you can be guilty about or not!