First and Second Book by New Author Audry Fryer

11030701Going Barefoot in Greener Grass by Audry Fryer

Bethany and Olivia are best friends. One is the married with children gal. One is the dating with exciting career gal. So, of course, they each want what the other has. Only they have never admitted that to each other in twenty years of friendship. When people don't talk, misunderstandings arise, feelings get hurt, people say things in anger or out of hurt or under the influence of too much wine. Mix in the men in their lives, children, extended families, and day-to-day life stresses. Stir until everybody reaches the breaking point. What you have is a great first book! I can hardly wait to get my hands on Audry's second book!

 18250066 Secrets, Lies and Apple Pies by Audry Fryer

This is Audry Fryer's second book. When you look at plot and character development, you would think she had been writing for much longer than she has. Her characters are great! They are full-blown, well-developed people. The action moves along well from one crisis to another!

Braeburn has read a text message not intended for her eyes. In fact, it's about her. But it leaves her with more questions than answers. It's a text from her best friend to her husband. It sends her thoughts spinning out of control. She's a busy lady and isn't paying attention to the weather report or heeding the warnings of the people around her. She's in a hurry trying to get everything on her mental list done. Another message to her husband's phone, which she is carrying with her, sends her thoughts into overdrive. Before she knows what's happening, her mini-van is as out-of-control as her thoughts and careening off the road and down a hill through the unseasonal blizzard.

Braeburn has traumatic brain injury as well as other physical injuries. She has no memory of the accident. Her recovery is not easy and she alienates almost everyone in her life, including her husband and her best friend. She struggles to figure out what is happening to her and what has gone wrong in her life. In doing so, she angers and hurts people right and left, flings accusations around without any real cause, and almost loses her life again.

Secrets cannot be kept and lies will be exposed. Join Braeburn and her family as she serves up the apple pie!