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It brings out the animal in you...

A World View

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The Mermaid's Realm

Pink Lotus

Pattern Mix

An Artistic Offord-ing

Mineral, Metal, or Rock?

Kiss Me

It's for the birds...

Memories & Dreams

A Game of Scepters & Swords


Noir, Gris, et Jaune

To Top It All Off

Earth Day Every Day

Wood & Water Tones

DVF Jori Dress - Blue Story

B & W Story with a few Red Herrings

Hot Coral and Red!

Michael Kors Silk Shirt Dress

First and Second Book by New Author Audry Fryer

Picasso Dress

Comfortable Stripes

Sophisticated Stripes

Fun & Young Stripes

Find Your Coral Lip Shade

A Rainbow of Pillows

Circles of Black & White

Children, Gladiators ... Moral Conflict

Fun on the Fringe

Collared, but not Buttoned Up!

More purple?

Mr. Birdy Gives a Gift

Spring is Sprung!

Purple Mountain's Majesty

Vintage YSL Coat - Still Chic!

A little bit of the Orient

Spring Sunshine

Oh, Have Mercy!