The Second Act (AQG Show)

Here's the second part of the quilt show. I can't really call it the second half as I discovered I have a lot more photos than I thought!

So, we start today with ZEN by Lisa Courtemanche. The photo doesn't show it, I'm sorry, but it is aptly named. The simple pattern and smoothing palette of greens and blues has a rather calming effect on you.

And next we have Sunflowers for Sarah (no relation) by Beth Ditkoff. The yellow in this quilt is nice and sunny, so it's a very happy sort of quilt!

Cape Cod by Paula Warren. I remember reading that this is a combination of log cabin and another old block. I think it is inspired by sea glass. If not, it should have been. When you walk by this quilt, the greens and blues sparkle and sort of shimmer like light on glass. It's lovely.

Understory by Alice Mullen and then Seaturtle HI by Alice as well. The first quilt's title is taken from the underneath fabric.

Heidi Vallee's quilt Dad's Puzzles. Each of these black and white blocks is a crossword puzzle all worked!

And the only quilt we chose by a man, Our Lives Together by Dennis Duggan. This Bargello quilt signifies the twists and turns his family's lives take together.

Another by Heidi Vallee, Scrappy Braid, which had a beautiful stained glass look to it!

Auld Lang Syne Times Four by Pat Grandmaison. The twisting of the black fabric around the aqua made Sarah think of Zentangles!

Delectable Dogsleds by Diane Tkacz. The detail across each section is a dogsled. You can see it best in the top dark blue section.

From Joy To Jim by Donna McDowell. A lovely traditional appliqué pattern.

Polar Diamonds by Suzanne Russell. This pattern seems to have been done as a group project or challenge of some sort. There were many quilts done in it.

Pink and Brown Civil War Quilt by Peg Bunker. Peg is my next-door neighbor and I didn't know she was a member of this group!

Star Quilt by Lisa North. I love just about anything that looks like a rainbow! These stars on white were irresistible!

Aboriginal Circles by Lynette McCreary. Some lovely "down under" fabrics mixed with solids done in a pattern that I have typically seen done in Japanese fabrics.

Sunset Retreats by Donna Martel. Sarah caught sight of this just as we were leaving and liked the colors and fabrics in it.

Which brings me to a rather spectacular quilt, Dear Jane by Elaine Anthony. This quilt is 76" x 76". It is completely hand pieced and hand appliqued. It has 829 blocks in it and is a reproduction of a quilt Jane Stickle made in 1863. With all that hand piecing and hand appliqué, the quilt is machine quilted.

Well, that's the end of my photo show of the 13th Biennial Quilt Show by the Amoskeag Quilters Guild. I hope you enjoyed it even half as much as I enjoyed the real show!