Possible Upcoming Events

I received the "Call for Entries" for the NH Creative Club's juried exhibition. The opening reception for the exhibition will be at Brady Sullivan Properties at 670 N. Commercial St., Ste. 303, Manchester NH on Tuesday, June 17th. That's the night the awards will be given out and there will be refreshments and hobnobbing to be done. Not the night for photos of artwork, really. So I will check up on the follow-on schedule at that location and at other local venues for a good time to photograph the exhibition. Then I will plan on sharing that with y'all.

I live in southern NH, so close to the MA border that it makes no never mind. So, if I occasionally slip down to Boston to see an exhibit at the MFA or the Science Museum, those of you in Beantown will forgive me, won't you? While NH isn't the fashion center of the northeast, it is a great place to live or visit! I'll bring you some of those things!