Amoskeag Quilters Guild Show

haven't been to a quilt show in a couple of years, at least since I stopped quilting. So when my daughter, Sarah, announced there was one in Manchester over the weekend, I got directions and cleared my calendar. I dragged her along, too! My iPhone doesn't photograph well, so I had her take the photos with her Galaxy.

The Amoskeag Quilters Guild puts on a show every two years. This year the theme was Seasons. There were quite a few quilts with the seasons theme, but there were a whole lot of others quilts as well. In most shows you see old block patterns and new block patterns, old style fabrics and new fabrics, and a few crazies. This show was no exception. There were a lot of machine pieced quilts. There were a plethora of machine quilted quilts, some done by the piecer and a lot by professional machine quilters. I found out that at least one of the professional quilters belongs to the group, so having the quilts done professionally isn't as unusual as it might seem. Having been a hand quilter, it was disappointing, though. To me, there's nothing quite like a well-quilted hand quilted quilt.

There was a raffle quilt to benefit the youth at Webster House in Manchester, NH. This quilt was hanging on the wall on display to encourage people to buy raffle tickets. I was so, so tempted! It was absolutely gorgeous! An overused word, I know, but it applies in this case. It was a king sized traditional double wedding ring quilt on a soft yellow background. If I had a use for it, I would have invested in raffle tickets.

There were quite a few vendors in attendance at the show. Too bad I'm not an active quilter anymore. They had some really pretty things!

So, below are some of the quilts that caught my eye. First is one of the quilts by Danielle Fiery, Sunrise Stars. Danielle was one of Sarah's high school teachers and a reading buddy. They have stayed in touch all through college and beyond, and that's how she even knew about the quilt show!

Next is American Hero by Claire Morris. She made this quilt for her husband, who is a Veteran of the Vietnam War. Thank you for your service, Mr. Morris!

And then Bright and Happy by Cindy Lacroix. An old, traditional pattern with bright, modern fabrics to change it's look!


And next is Two of Us TQS BOM 2013 by Denis Lareau. Another traditional pattern with some very new and bright fabrics!

This next quilt is called Wedding Quilt for E and Tanya by Raven Gregg. It's made of modern fabrics in harmonizing tones that create a very pretty quilt. This is a very large quilt as well as very pretty, measuring 115" x 115" (king). I'd say E and Tanya are very lucky! The photo only shows about half of the quilt. Some of the fabrics (lavenders) have a glitter aspect, which really adds to the tone of the quilt. Both Sarah and I were quite taken with this quilt!

Another quite remarkable quilt was The Bear by Donna McDowell. Not so very large at only 60" x 60", but packed with fun details that I wish I could show you if I had the room! Pieced and appliqued, it is a purchased pattern, but meticulously done! The bear is in the lower left corner and a bit difficult to see here. But he's not alone by any means! Take a look all around this quilt!

Well, I think I'll save the rest of my quilt pictures for tomorrow. Come on back and I'll show you another half dozen or so of the best of the show, in my opinion!