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Friday, January 20, 2017

Due for Release Wednesday, January 23, 2017!

The Stubborn Billionaire 

(The Muse #1)

Expected publication: January 23, 2017,
by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Indulgence)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Being released today!

Summon the Queen 

(The Revolutionary #2)

by Jodi McIsaac (Goodreads Author)
Kindle Edition352 pages
Expected publication: January 17,  2017, by 47North
also available in paperback and audiobook

GoodReads Summary:
It may be impossible to alter the past, but Irish revolutionary Nora O’Reilly is determined to try. Armed with a relic given to her by the goddess Brigid and joined by immortal Irish warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill, Nora is hurled back through time to the sixteenth century. There Nora and Fionn seek the infamous pirate queen Granuaile—Grace O’Malley—the one woman who may be fierce enough to stop Queen Elizabeth I’s tyranny over the Irish people.

But finding Granuaile is no easy feat, and securing her help is tougher still. Nora and Fionn face enemies at every turn, risking capture, separation, and even death in their quest to save Ireland and finally put an end to the centuries-long curse that torments Fionn. But as Nora’s connection to Fionn grows stronger, her loyalties are tested: she may not be able to save both her country and the man she’s grown to love.

In Jodi McIsaac’s thrilling and heartbreaking sequel to Bury the Living, Nora will once again battle time, history, and her own intense desires in an attempt to rewrite the past—and to change the fate of all she holds dear.

My Review: 4 Stars
This is the second book in The Revolutionary series by Ms. McIsaac. Though I have not read the first book, Bury the Living, I had no real problems picking up the story and knowing what was going on. So, no, you don't need to have read the first book to understand the second one. I think it's mostly because the couple has now gone further back in time. So they are in a new place with all new problems and people.  Yes, this is a time travel romance. And the young lady just happens to speak passable Gaelic as they did at that time, some 300 years before her time.

There are some things that you just have to accept when you read time travel stories, to begin with. The fact of the time travel is the primary one, of course. The rest of it depends on how outrageous the author gets. For me, the fact that Nora spoke the Gaelic of 300 years ago was one of those things. Most languages change over time, but she was able to understand and be understood. And very few people made any fuss about the modern weapon she flourished about, or the handbag she carried it in.

I really liked the touch with the Irish wolfhound that accompanied Nora and Fionn on their adventures. The dog's name is Bran. Her story must be in the first book, or at least I hope it is. It looks like I'll be reading Bury the Living
so I can find out. If it's as good as the second book, I know I'll thoroughly enjoy it. Nora O'Reilly and Fionn mac Cumhaill are an outrageous couple who each has their own agenda, but somehow seem to get the job done while not really working together any more than absolutely necessary. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who likes a lively book with or without the Gaelic.

Summon the Queen was provided to me by 47North and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

Monday, January 16, 2017

Winner is announced!

A winner has been chosen from the entries for the ARC of Gilded Cage by Vic James. Our winner is So, if that's your address, please contact me so that I can send you the book.


Sex, Lies & Sweet Tea 

(Moonlight and Magnolias #1)


First Response: This is a book with sex on the brain! If they're not doing it, they're recommending it, or asking about it, or remembering it. But it was a fun and easy read. Full review coming soon.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Drawing is Sunday, January 15, 2017

LibraryReads has announced the top ten February books that librarians want! Gilded Cage is on that list! You have the opportunity to get an advance copy right here! Just send an e-mail to 
with the subject line 
Gilded Cage 

Drawing is this Sunday, January 15th!

Proper Goodbye

by Connie Chappell (Goodreads Author)

Kindle Edition, 306 pages
Published December 7,  2016, by Black Rose Writing

GoodReads Summary:

Beebe Walker’s life changes when she learns about a secret buried in her father’s cemetery. The secret revolves around the burial of a homeless woman and, eventually, draws her home to Larkspur, Michigan, to renew a relationship with her father, Cliff.

Months earlier, Cliff stood back from that sparsely attended funeral, unaware the woman’s passing made him a widower. Cliff, devoted caretaker of the cemetery, doesn’t know he’s tending to his wife’s grave. Beebe must find a way to tell her father that the homeless woman was misidentified. In reality, she was the wife and mother who abandoned them decades before.

Oddly enough, the first person Beebe meets upon her return is a young man who’s new in town. Yates Strand is also chasing the secret behind the homeless woman. He has another story to tell.

First response

This was excellent! I never know what to expect from books that are women's lit rather than romance or mystery or such. I'm never sure what direction it will take. Or if I'll like it. Well, I sure liked this one. I'll have to write a full review in the morning. I always seem to finish a book at bedtime...

My Review:

This is a sequel to Wild Raspberries, though it is a standalone as well. If you read Wild Raspberries, you may remember the grief counselor, Beebe Walker. This book, Proper Goodbye, is her story. It was just released a month ago. 

This is a wonderful book. It's full of the emotional messes that we all love to read in women's lit and the untangling of the stories to get to the truth that lies at the heart of the matter. And what lies at the heart of this mess is worth 300 pages! This is very well written. I really think Ms. Chappell has a knack for this genre. She knows how to convey all those twists and turns life takes when we're not watching. She brings out the best and worst in her characters just when they want to be wallflowers. She puts the right words in their mouths when they are really needed. Then sometimes they're the wrong words. She makes her characters real. They get caught listening at doors and are embarrassed. People are talking behind their backs, and there's a good reason for it. 

This is such a great book, I think it needs to end up on my favorites list. I will definitely read it again. I highly recommend this to you and to anyone who likes a good puzzle of emotions and family messes. Keep this book in mind when they start looking for the best books written in 2016. Proper Goodbye needs to be on all the lists of bests.

This book was provided in ebook format by Black Rose Writing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I belong to an art group on Polyvore that is having a music themed contest right now. I decided to share some of the entries, including mine, with you. There is always such a wide range of styles in these contests that sometimes you really wonder if some of the entrants read the description. I'm showing you some of the ones I liked.

Pure Magic ~ Pure Music

Pure Magic ~ Pure Music
by mrscharley

Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
by constanceann

3 days of peace & music
3 days of peace & music
by mrscharley

I'll be playing music in Manhattan!
I'll be playing music in Manhattan!
by kksnanny

llama on staff
llama on staff
by mrscharley

The Sounds of Music
The Sounds of Music
by bb60477

Autumn Music
Autumn Music
by deborah-strozier

Well, there are still two more weeks in the contest and lots more people who will enter their sets. I'm sure there will be many more fantastic music sets to see if you'd like to.

Have a thoroughly wonderful Thursday!
Judi and Blue Cat